Hello!   I am an aficionado of pancakes, I order them when ever or where ever they have a style of pancake.  Love for pancakes is what has created this site.   Hopefully my enjoyment of pancakes can aid in your search for delicious food!

Rating Scale

The rating scale that I have developed is based on my own preferences.  The rating will be based on 5 areas:

  • Amount: this includes quantity of pancakes, size of pancakes
  • Texture: fluffy, dense, pasty, thick, cakey, raw, burnt
  • Flavor: too salty, taste of baking soda,buttery, bland, sour
  • Other: butter on side or on top of the pancake, syrup not real/or is real, served cold, inconsistent or consistent
  • Cost: too expensive or reasonable

The higher the rating the better the pancake.