Good Day Cafe-St Louis Park

Pancakes at Good Day Cafe were overall unremarkable. We chose two different styles. The original buttermilk were a standard cake, and the 49’ers were more like large crepes that left something to be desired. It was as if something was missing like fruit or cheese.

Rating for buttermilk

  • 3 four inch cakes-1
  • Fluffy, evenly cooked-1
  • Tangy, bland-0
  • butter directly on top, syrup is artificial but compliments pancake-0
  • short stack 5.95 usd-1


Rating for 49ers

  • 3 six inch pancakes-1
  • eggy,thin, evenly cooked-0
  • slightly sweet, tastes of eggs-0
  • Butter placed directly on top, lack luster and in need of fruit or meat and cheese-0
  • Cost is 9.95 used-0


49er flapjacks

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