Neighborhood Café-St. Paul

Neighborhood café consistently has excellent pancakes!  They have a delicious menu as well.  Today we tried a seasonal pancake as buttermilk is available throughout the year.  We will try buttermilk at our next visit, today we had pumpkin spice.  We also had corn pancakes that were included with our meals.  I will rate each separately.

Rating: pumpkin spice pancake

  • Amount: 6 inch pumpkin spice = 1 point
  • Texture: Fluffy, has cream cheese drizzle that does not negatively affect the texture, creates a sugary sweet crust, not too dense, reminiscent of pumpkin cake = 1 point
  • Flavor: Tastes like pumpkin cake, no need for syrup due to cream cheese drizzle. = 1 point
  • Other: Syrup is artificial but this did not affect taste = 1 point
  • Cost: $5.25 for special pancake = 1 point

Overall score:

5/5 points

Rating: Corn pancakes

  • Amount: 2 two inch corn pancakes = 1 point
  • Texture: Fluffy, not corn mealy = 1 point
  • Flavor: Buttery, pairs well with syrup = 1 point
  • Other: Comes with honey butter = 1 point
  • Cost: Comes with meal = 1 point

Overall score:

5/5 points

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