Midi Restaurant-Duluth MN

When staying at Fitger’s Inn in Duluth MN, Midi is one of the dining options.  They are rated as one of the best places to get pancakes in town.  We decided to try them out for the first time and this was a mistake.   We ordered the buttermilk pancakes with blueberries.  These were the worst pancakes I have ever had.


  • Amount: 3 four inch pancakes = 1 point
  • Texture: thin, crunchy, slightly burnt on 2 out of 3 pancakes.  Seemed like it was crepe batter with added flour = 0 points
  • Flavor: too sweet with a bland finish.  Definitely not buttermilk as advertised, Bisquick would have been better = 0 points
  • Other: real maple syrup from local farm, real blueberries on top = 1 point
  • Cost: Expensive at $11.50 = 0 points

Overall score:

2/5 points

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