Highland Grill-St. Paul MN

Highland Grill has buttermilk pancakes; today we chose the seasonal pumpkin pancakes.  They have a caramel praline sauce with whipped cream.


  • 4 three inch pumpkin pancakes-1
  •  Dense wet cake texture which is caused by pumpkin and was not unpleasant as if it were a  buttermilk pancake.-1
  • Subtle sweetness with salty finish. Overwhelming pumpkin spice taste which, in this case, was enjoyable.-1
  • Caramel sauce poured directly on top pancake which left this soggy, syrup not real maple, syrup did compliment bottom pancakes.  All pancakes consistently cooked-0
  • Cost is pricey at 10.95 usd but is served with breakfast meat-0


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